Josh Apple's Youth and Children's Page: April

Refilling Empty Cups

Hey everyone!

     I have heard it said that “An empty cup can’t pour into another cup.” The meaning behind this saying is: Take care of yourself because you can’t pour into others what you don’t have. This saying has been stuck in my mind for a while. As our church has been going through the process of recasting a vision for our ministries, I have been looking and praying long and hard about our ministry to the Children and Youth of Park Place.

     As I have talked with those who volunteer with our Youth and Children, one thing became very obvious: our volunteers are becoming empty cups. Many of them volunteer in multiple areas. Some help with nursery, Children’s Church, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights. They are constantly pouring into our children to the point they are “drying out.”

     Based off of these discussions and after a lot of prayer, we had a meeting on Sunday, March 18th to discuss changes that would help us connect the Youth and Children to Christ (see our new mission statement), while also connecting our workers to Christ. The question was: How can we make our ministry more effective for both the children and youth, AND for our workers?

     Here are the changes that we will be making. These changes will hopefully allow our volunteers to pour into the lives of our young people, while having their cups filled as well.

     Starting Sunday, April 8th, we will designate Sunday evenings for Youth and Wednesday evenings for Children. This will allow us to focus on that group completely on those nights. It will allow us to plan better. Our volunteers were very honest during our discussion that many times they haven’t been prepared to teach. They didn’t know what to teach. They were running dry after doing Sunday AND Wednesday nights.

     By focusing on only one group each night, it will free up our volunteers to spend time in the Adult Bible Study on which ever night their group isn’t meeting. For those who have been working with the Children, they will be able to go to Bible Study on Sunday nights, and those who help with the Youth, they will be fed on Wednesday nights.

     My prayer is that these changes will help us all stay energized and passionate as we minister to these young people. It will allow us to be filled so we can then pour into others. There will be some bumps along the way as we make these changes, but we pray that our ministry will be more effective and we will all connect with Jesus more.

 In Christ’s Love,