Josh Apple's Youth and Children's Page: June

Sharing the Gospel? It's Easier Than You Think

Hey everyone!

     Recently I did a google search on common phobias that most Americans have. Glossophobia consistently made the top 5 in most of the lists I looked at. What is glossophobia? It is the fear of public speaking. The idea of having to stand in front of a crowd (no matter how big or small) and speak terrifies many.

     I believe it is this phobia that keeps many Christians from doing what we have been called to do. In both Matthew 28:18-20 ("Go and make disciples") and Acts 1:8 ("You will be my witnesses"), Jesus gave us the command to share the Gospel (which means "Good News") with the entire world. But the rhought of sharing our faith terrifies many of us. Why? Because somehow we've turned the idea of sharing our faith into a public speech. I'm not exactly sure how we got to this idea, but I think most of us believe we must follow a certain formula or outline when it comes to sharing the Gospel. It's like we think: "I must share these exact words, in this exact order, or I won't be sharing the Gospel properly."

     We need to get away from this! While strategies in sharing the Gospel are great, they are not perfect. In fact, there is no "perfect" way to share the Gospel!

     Instead of thinking of sharing the Gospel as a public speech, what if we thought of it as telling a story? I haven't met too many people who are afraid to tell a story about what has happened to them. We tell stories about our last vacation, what we did last weekend, or a gift we received at Christmas or our birthday. The Gospel is really just the story of what Jesus has done for us. Let’s change our mindset when it comes to sharing the Gospel. As the old hymn states, “I love to tell the story!”

     We don’t need to be afraid to tell our story. There are people we see every week who need to hear our story so that it can become their story as well.

 In Christ’s Love,