Josh Apple's Youth and Children's Page: July

Encountering Jesus, Daily

Hey everyone!

My nephew, Chandler, loves animals. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is, if he sees an animal, he wants to look at it and learn about it. When possible, he wants to pet it and feed it. While we were on vacation, he got to feed fish, ducks, and goats. He got to see deer, lizards, snakes, eagles, owls, prairie dogs, and many other animals. Chandler doesn’t just want to glance at the animals, he wants to have encounters with them! While going through a zoo, everyone else is ready to move on from an animal after a minute or two. Chandler, on the other hand, wants to spend hours looking at the same animal. He wants to take his time and fully experience the animal.

This year’s VBS theme is “In the Wild: Amazing Encounters with Jesus.” It is my prayer that those who attend our VBS (July 28-August 1) will meet Jesus in the same way Chandler meets animals. It should also be our goal as Christians to continue to encounter Jesus on a daily basis. We should want to spend hours (not just minutes) with Jesus. We should want to get to know Him completely.

As VBS approaches, please join us in prayer for this week and for the ones who will be attending. Pray that their hearts will be open to hear the Gospel and Truth about Jesus. Pray that they will encounter Jesus in a brand new way. Pray that these encounters with Jesus continue long after the week of VBS.

VBS is our biggest evangelistic event of the year. We need everyone’s help. If you haven’t found a way to be involved yet, please talk to Karen or I. We could use your hands and your prayers. I encourage you to invite your “One” to VBS so he or she can encounter Jesus through the stories and music. Thank you in advance!

 In Christ’s Love,