Josh Apple's Youth and Children's Page: November

What Gets You Excited?

Hey Everyone!

Micah has a new love in his life: BASEBALL! At the beginning of the summer, he could barely catch the ball when I threw it to him. Now, he’s catching almost all of the balls I throw. At first, he couldn’t track a pop-up. Now he’s starting to figure out where to run so he can get under the ball and catch it. At the beginning of the summer, as we watched games on television, he was in non-stop question mode, because he didn’t understand the game. But now as we watch the Fall Classic (aka the World Series), he’s explaining things he has learned to me. Micah is all in and wants to know everything he can about baseball. He even bought a book about the history of the 30 Major League teams from his school’s book fair. As a baseball fan, I’m loving all of this. As a dad, I enjoy talking about baseball and teaching Micah the game. I love his excitement.

But the other day as we were talking baseball, a thought occurred to me: Have I spent this much time talking and teaching Micah about Jesus?

Unfortunately the answer is no. We spend more time on baseball, a wonderful and fun game, than we do on the eternal things of Jesus Christ.

While I pray for Micah to one day accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, I know that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve been convicted to show as much passion and energy when it comes to sharing about Jesus to Micah as I do when I’m teaching him how to field a ground ball.

In Deuteronomy 6, Moses instructs us to talk about the things of God when we get up, when we lie down, when we are home, when we are on the road, and everywhere in between. I want my son to spend eternity with me. I want him, not only to know about Jesus, but to know Jesus!

I pray that we would all get excited about sharing the Gospel with others. Excitement is contagious! If we are excited about Jesus, then those around us will get excited about Jesus.

In Christ’s Love,