Pastor Tom's Monthly Message: January

20/20 Vision in the New Year: Seek the Lord First


Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ,

     Pat and I hope that all of you had a great Christmas Season and are excited about what the Lord did for you in 2019 and look forward to this New Year of 2020. We, as believers, are to give thanks in all things and I thank the Lord for what He is going to do in 2020.

     With the beginning of this New Year and a new decade, much will be made about what we would ‘call’ the 2010’s that we just left from and the ‘20’s that are about to begin. I read one man’s blog where he is already calling this new decade “The Roaring 20’s” in reference to the prosperity and the rebellion of that decade 100 years ago. They were called “Roaring” because many defied the laws against alcohol and Prohibition. In the Church, we inserted the clause into the Church Covenant against alcohol that many call “The Prohibition Clause” today.

     Clothing got a little more revealing in those days and many of the new dances caused quite the stir with dancers being called ‘flappers’, describing the animation of the body in these new dances.

     In the 1920’s we were introduced to moonshiners, bootleggers, ‘speakeasies’ and ‘bathtub’ gin. The fashion styles included raccoon coats for the men and short-bobbed hair for the ladies. Some of the inventions were the washing machine, radios, refrigerators, the jukebox, garbage disposals and the television. The automobile and airplane became a common sight.

     Even though the 1920’s was called “Roaring”, the decade ended with a ‘crash’: the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that ushered in the Great Depression that consumed the ‘30’s. What caused the “Crash”? One of the major causes, oddly enough, was another invention of that time: the assembly line. Manufacturers, in their attempts to amass greater revenues, built too many goods and their overhead drained their savings. In a shorter description, it was over money and greed.

     Jesus warned us about being consumed about what we make or what we have versus what we need, and He reminded us that the Father knows that we need certain things (Matthew 6). But in verse 33 Jesus instructed us to seek the Lord and His righteousness FIRST, and then God will add both our needs, and some wants.

     So, whether this new decade becomes ‘roaring’ or not, some will also speak about having a clear vision: 20/20 vision in this New Year. Dedicate yourself to the promise you made in faith when you gave your heart to the Lord. If your “One” didn’t get saved in 2019, continue to witness to that person that God wants to save through faith in Jesus Christ. Don’t forget that no matter what happens in this new decade, God wants us to be true to our calling in Him and do great things for the cause of Christ.

     God Bless and we’ll see y’all in Church in 2020! Love y’all and thanks for all you do for the Lord here at Park Place.

Pastor Tom and Pat Campbell