Pastor Tom's Monthly Message: February

Going to the Other Side

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ,

     As always, Pat and I pray that this finds you doing well and in a worshipful mood as we go about our everyday tasks. Life can become very hectic and worship can seem as an unrealistic expectation amongst the chaos of the world. But if we recall the Scriptures, Jesus was fast asleep in the boat and all around Him and His men…the wind was blowing, the waves were pitching over the bow, the ship was being tossed around and you couldn’t see the stars or the moon for the storm clouds and rain. The twelve were struggling while Jesus was sleeping.

     But once Jesus was awakened from His sleep and challenged about His lack of concern for their apparent danger, He and He alone commanded the chaos to cease, and it did. Then three things happened.

     First, Jesus challenged their faith because He had previously told the men that they were going to the other side.

     Second, as far as we know, Jesus exited the scene, curled back in the bed and went back to sleep.

     Third, the men asked themselves about what type of “Man” was this that even the winds and waves obeyed Him?

     They waited until everything was over BEFORE they worshipped! I have often wondered how differently this story would have been written had they worshipped during the storm as they remembered the promise of the Messiah: “We’re going to the other side.”

     Pat and I were eating supper at “The Cheesecake Factory” on a Friday night and once we received our food, I asked our waitress, “We’re about to pray over our food so is there anything that we can pray about for you?” She answered, “Yes there is, I’ll be right back.” We waited until she returned a few moments later and she said, “My 5 children and I are homeless. Right now, we are in a motel temporarily, but we need a house. I don’t have transportation, so we need a car. That’s what I want you to pray for.” She stood there while we called out her name to the Lord because she is in the midst of a storm. I won’t tell the details, but she got a nice tip that night from us and the table beside us that heard what she said.

     Life can become very stormy, and not just for our waitress. How do you handle the storms? Do you worship while it’s happening, or do you wait until everything calms down? If Jesus is the Captain of the vessel, let’s remember His promise to us. We’re going to the other side.

     It’s February, I know. It’s the “Love Month”, I know. This article has nothing to do with it, I know. But someone needed to read this, or the Lord wouldn’t have laid this on my heart while I typed, I know that too.

     God bless and we will see y’all in Church on Sunday! Let us gather and worship the One who died on the cross so that we can go to the other side.

Pastor Tom and Pat Campbell