Pastor Tom's Monthly Message: June

Avoiding the Summer Season of Our Faith

Greetings to those in Christ Jesus,

    I hope that this finds each of you well and rejoicing in God’s goodness and greatness. I know that for the last several weeks there has been a really sweet Spirit and peace in our worship services on Sunday morning. I truly believe that it is because we have really been focused on worshipping and serving the Lord in the right way and in the right Spirit. It’s “Connecting people to Jesus…reaching up, reaching in and reaching out”.

      It’s June and it won’t be long before our minds will completely ‘block out’ the unusually ‘longer’ winter that we experienced once the temperatures reach 90+ for a couple of days in a row. The summer heat can really work on you in a negative way if you aren’t careful to take breaks and push fluids. It won’t be long before we hear folks on Fox 8 or WXII 12 or WFMY News 2 starting to warn us of the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. We will also receive the annual warnings of making sure that when we go outside to put on sunscreen and wearing hats to cover our faces and ears to prevent sunburn and possible skin cancers later on.

     All of these things happen in the South during the summer months; warning after warning. But what happens? People will go outside and not hydrate themselves and we will hear of heat strokes. People will ‘forget’ to put on sunscreen and find out that they look like a pickled beet when they get back inside. Sadly, we will also hear of either children or pets that were left in hot vehicles in parking lots who will pay for the summer heat with their lives; it happens every year in the Southern summer.

     All of these things that I just described are physical reactions to not heeding the warnings given to us every year here in the South. But spiritually, we do the same things. We can become deaf to the Gospel and numb to the moving of God’s Holy Spirit on our hearts when we hear God’s warnings over and over again. We can be burned by sin. We can become exhausted when serving becomes a burden instead of a joy.

     How can the believer avoid the ‘summer season’ of our faith? Rehydrate! In John 4:14-15, Jesus told the woman at the well that the Water that He gives will quench our thirst and bubble up inside of us unto eternal life. The woman replied, “Sir, give me this water!” Maybe you need this water to be given to you? You need refreshing. You need your thirst quenched once again. Jesus said to John in Revelation 22, “And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

     So, how about a drink of Water?

 Pastor Tom and Pat Campbell