Pastor Tom's Monthly Message: September

September: A Month of Transition and Re-Visioning the Future

Greetings to all,

I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer and that parents of our children have found the transition from the summer schedule to the school schedule has been smooth sailing. Illumination is back in the facilities with the homeschoolers and Mondays are about hustle and bustle.

I’m going to resubmit something to you that was first printed in our newsletter in September of 2007 and is upon us once again in 2017. Here it is.

“September is a month of beginnings and endings. It signals the beginning of a new school and church year, but the ending of summer. It signals the end of the vacationing season, but the beginning of the colorful autumn. It signals the end of the summer garden, but the beginning of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed over the winter. September is definitely a month that signals transition. This month will also be a transitional period for Park Place too. We are presently taking volunteers who would like to be on our Visioning Team. This team is going to actively seek out ways for Park Place Baptist to enhance itself for the glory of Christ and the betterment of this body of believers. Thomasville is changing; there is no arguing that fact. So, if Thomasville is going to change, then we are going to have to change too. This includes changing our way of thinking of ourselves in this community and city, and preparing ourselves for the future. Our best years are ahead of us and we must be prepared to receive God’s blessings when they come. Pray for the members of this team and offer to them suggestions of things that you would love to see done here that would make us more desirable and loving church. If the Lord would have you to serve on this team, please let me know.”

We are, once again, re-visioning our mission here at Park Place. We are, once again, restarting our Visioning Team. But this time, there will be 5 small group teams in a more personal setting where more ideas and concerns can be openly shared instead of a larger group where folks tend to remain silent. We covet your prayers. We encourage your active participation with one of these 5 Teams. We are seeking God’s will and guidance for Park Place. We need you to be involved, not on the sidelines as a spectator, but in the huddle and on the field; we need you. This is your church. If your desire is for your church to prosper for the Glory of God through Jesus Christ, contact me personally so we can plug you into the power process. We can do all things through Christ that gives us strength (Phil 4:13).

God bless and we will see you in church on Sunday!

Pastor Tom and Pat Campbell