Sunday School Notes: July

What Are Our Expectations For Sunday School?

     I hope that everyone is enjoying the sunshine and warm days as we wrap up the school year and gear up for summer! As the Nominating Committee begins to look at church officers, etc. for the coming church year I would ask that you be in prayer for how you might serve, and in particular if you may be called to serve in our Sunday School Program in some way- teaching, being a substitute teacher, or an office secretary are all roles that you could help out with!

     I hope that you are all connected to a Sunday School class and that we are all making sure that we invite someone to come with us! Myself and a couple others have been looking at a study/ training guide in regards to Sunday School (more to come on this later), but for now I wanted to share one thing that has stuck out to me. What are our expectations for Sunday School? Is it something that we can just “go through the motions” with, or is it a time of deeper study, learning, discipleship, and service from which we can develop deep connections with others to help us stay accountable, grow in our walk with Christ, and reach our community for Christ?

     My prayer is that our Sunday School Ministry will do just that! Join me in prayer that Sunday School will be an effective ministry for our community.

In Christ,

Emily Campbell, Sunday School Director