Making Plans Now For When We Reopen

Hey everyone,

Back in March, we were supposed to have our regular quarterly business meeting but COVID drove that to a halt. However, we still have some business that has to be taken care of sooner than later.

On the matter of Finances, I have spoken to both Kent and Michael and we are doing good. God’s people have stepped up and are giving even during the shutdown. Like we say in the military…Bravo Zulu! Great job and keep giving. Our new website should be up and running in a week or two and that will include a secure way to give online. Thanks, Richard Thayer, for your work on that, along with Kent Thompson and Todd Rice.

On the matter of getting back up and running, Governor Cooper has woefully decided that worship centers will be part of Phase 2 in the reopening of NC instead of in Phase 1. But when we open, we have to be ready. Part of the business meeting was going to be a motion from the Nominating Committee to bring before the Church the names of those who have volunteered to be on the new Leadership Team. Those names are, (1) Tommy Waldon, (2) Marsha Frazier, (3) Michael Robertson, (4) Shannon Elliott, (5) Maggie Elliott, (6) Colleen Whitehouse, (7) Eric Campbell, (8) Royal Jarvis and (9) Dianne Ferguson. I would like, with your permission, to allow these faithful members to be involved alongside of myself and the Deacon Fellowship as we plan strategy on how best to reopen the Church in Phase 2.

As of now, we don’t know how many members will be allowed to gather at one time when that happens. We may need to go to two services. We may need to adjust our Sunday School to where some classes may meet on Sunday and others may be asked to meet on other days of the week off site. Input from others will be the best way to ensure that we can include as many ideas as we can so our effectiveness is as complete as possible. If you have any problem with going ahead and including these 9 names, please call me on my cell or someone on the Deacon Fellowship. If I don’t hear anything, then we will move ahead with these folks and I will notify them of my plans.

We will continue having Parking Lot Church as much as we can, but summer is coming, and we may need to adjust that too. Stay in touch with one another and share information with our membership so that no one feels left out. Thanks a lot, and God bless!

Pastor Tom